Friday, November 20, 2009

For All My Fellow Architects

I know this is an old joke, but it makes me think A LOT every time that I read it. Enjoy...

Dilbert: As usual, I worked until midnight last night.
Friend: Well, at least you made some extra money.
Dilbert: I don't get paid overtime.
Friend: Well, at least it was important work.
Dilbert: Not really. My boss made me change my powerpoint slides, but the changes made them worse.
Friend: Well, at least you are prepared for your meeting.
Dilbert: It was cancelled. But that's okay, because that project isn't funded anyway.
Friend: So you worked for free to worsen a presentation for a meeting that won't happen for a project that doesn't exist?
Dilbert: Yeap!
Friend: Oh... you must be an architect.


jecuevas said...

Eso me suena de algo...

Daphne Rosas said... algo que todos conocemos??? Noches largas trabajando de gratis para esa competencia de un projecto que al final la compañía no ganó?

HBN said...

Jajaja.. muy bueno.

Por cierto también he puesto en mis enlaces, olvido imperdonable de mi parte

Daphne Rosas said...

Gracias, HBN.