Sunday, June 26, 2011

Is this a fun house or what?!!!!!!!!!!

"Rather than inserting play equipment into the house and making it “a house with slide,” the architects made the path that travels from first floor to third floor and back down again a major architectural gesture, creating a “house of slide,” with a journey around the circumference of the house becoming as important as the rooms themselves. Stairs within rounded walls traverse along one side of the 1,762-square-foot house, and the slide, within its rounded tube, travels around the other side.
Built-ins such as a six-foot-long sofa and walls of bookshelves keep furniture to a minimum, so the adventure through the house can remain as unimpeded as possible.
As daily life in the house became routine, surprises were revealed, including the enthusiasm of friends and neighbors, who love to come watch and participate in the unusual fun within—a playfulness that includes the children running up the slide rather than taking the stairs."

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ciudad de La Cultura en Galicia / City of Culture in Galicia

Hace ya un par de años, les hablé de Peter Eisenman. Hoy les dejo el enlace a su mágnifico proyecto, La ciudad de La Cultura en Galicia, terminada después de 12 años de diseño y construcción.