Monday, April 16, 2012

Another lovely house . Nakahouse by XTEN Architecture

"Perched on a ridge under the Hollywood sign, not far from the Griffith Observatory and adjacent to a publicly owned ravine that will never be built on, it has been remade by Los Angeles firm XTEN Architecture as a case study of compact glamour. Called Nakahouse, after Nakashima, it has unrivaled views and a sleek all-white interior. But at 1,890 square feet, it is superefficient, packing a remarkably complex spatial experience into a small container. The place feels as though it could be folded up and slipped into your pocket."  (more of the Nakahouse here)

Architectural Record: Daily WebInsider


Mari-Pi-R said...

Por tu descripción parece que lo tenga todo.
Casa con mucha luz y bien situada.

Daphne Rosas said...

Así es, Mari, y además posee un diseño muy atractivo.