Monday, January 23, 2012

Villa T, Ragusa, Sicily

     Set on the agricultural context of Ragusa, Sicily, Villa T has grown as part of the inminent spread of urbanism in the area, yet preserving the sense of isolation within the site.  Design by Architrend Architecture, the house "comes to grips with this context, constructing a direct relationship with the landscape, faced openly on two sides, while emerging from it thanks to an eloquent contemporary design. The program of the compositional process is that of a large single-family house, alone at the center of a meadow, bordered by the free, linear horizon of the plateau. Here, in the midst of the grassy terrain, treated as virgin land for construction, the architecture stands out clearly as a complete entity with definite limits. But its borders are not ‘introverted’, they are open to visual enjoyment of the outside world, through the creation of outdoor living spaces, rooms without walls that become parts of the overall solution."  This modern interpretation of Mediterranean style comes to life in a play of sandstone, white stucco and glass, opening a portal for new possibilities, reinterpreting the area and its local history without copying the existing but bringing it up to date.

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