Thursday, March 26, 2009


Although many might know Peter Eisenman, I think his designs -specially the ones built- deserve recognition. His work is a living proof that those modern designs that we conceive in school as architecture students can definetely be built. No matter how complicated, organic or bizare a design might look, there is always ways to make it happen.

A few facts about Eisenman for those who are not familiar with his career:
- Born 1933 in Newwark, New.
- Eisenman's fragmented forms fall under the eclectic deconstructivist movement.
- His theories on architecture pursue the emancipation and autonomy of the discipline.
- His work represents a continued attempt to liberate form from all meaning.
- Initially he was influenced by the ideas of Le Corbusier.

This is Eisenman's design for Bibliotheque de Lihuei, Geneva, Switzerland.

Here is a link to Peter Eisenman's Website. Enjoy his work.

Also click on the following link for a small video about the project shown below, the City of Culture in Galicia, Spain. This project is currently under construction. The video clip is in Spanish; I couldn't find it in English...sorry.


Anthony C Jiménez said...

He's definitely in my top 5!

Daphne Rosas said...

I definetely agree, AJ, but we can't live out others like Zaha and Ghery.